Summer Sizzle: 6 Tips for Working Out in the Heat

man hiking wearing hat, sunglasses, and backpack

Summer will soon be here, and the sun will be blazing—but you’re determined to stay active and fit and keep working out.

So, how do you keep working toward your fitness goals as the temperature rises?

We’ve got six tips for you—but first, here’s why it’s tougher to train in the heat: Heat adds more stress to your body.

As the weather warms up, your body’s core temperature increases, making it work harder to stay cool. Your heart has to pump faster to manage the heat and your physical activity—adding extra strain to your workout.

If you have any specific heat-related concerns or medical conditions, consult a doctor before starting any activity. For those who are generally healthy and active, these tips will help you keep moving this summer. Remember, if you feel unwell while training in the heat, stop your session and get to a cooler place. If symptoms are severe, contact a healthcare provider immediately.

Wear the Right Clothing

Choose lightweight, breathable clothes that promote airflow. Some might prefer to wear minimal clothing, while others may opt for more coverage. Ensure your attire is suitable for your training location.

Manage the Sun

Direct sunlight can significantly increase the heat. Opt for indoor workouts or find shady areas. If these aren’t available, wear sunscreen, protect your head with a hat, and choose light-coloured clothing that reflects heat. Reapply sunscreen as directed on the label, especially if you’re sweating a lot. Try a wide-brimmed hat like this one.

Enjoy the Breeze, Set Up a Fan, and Add Water

Air movement helps cool you down. Seek out breezy spots or use a fan during your workout. You can also cool off by dousing yourself with water from a garden hose or soaking your hat in water.

Train Around the Heat

Check the weather forecast and plan your workouts during the cooler parts of the day. This might mean an early morning run or making it into early morning classes at the gym.

Stay Hydrated

Sweating causes fluid loss, so it’s important to stay hydrated. Don’t overdo it, though—balance is key. For shorter workouts, keep water on hand and sip as needed before, during, and after. For longer, intense sessions, consult an expert to ensure you’re following a proper hydration plan. Sports drinks can be an option but be mindful of their sugar content. Try a zero-sugar electrolyte pack such as this one from LMNT.

Adjust Intensity as Needed

If it feels like you’re training in an oven, it’s okay to slow down, take more breaks, or even modify your workout. One session won’t make or break your fitness plan. On extremely hot days, consider swapping a high-intensity workout for something less strenuous or head to the pool and swim lengths instead.

We Can Help!

There you have it—six basic tips to manage the heat this summer.

Remember, an expert coach can help tailor your training plan and make necessary adjustments based on the weather. To book a free consultation and learn more about working with a coach, click here!