Keeping Your Fitness Groove Through the Holiday Hustle

Women in the gym grooving and bumping hips

Sustaining Your Healthy Habits

Maintaining a fitness routine amid the holiday buzz can be a concern, especially if you’ve worked hard all year to build a healthy lifestyle. Questions about losing momentum, compromising cardiovascular fitness, getting weaker, or gaining weight are common as the festive season approaches. Let’s tackle these concerns head-on.

Habits and Science

Breaking bad habits can be tough, but when it comes to your well-established fitness routine, that’s a different story. If you’ve been consistent with your workouts throughout the year, rest assured that missing a few during the holidays won’t shatter your progress.

Even if you scale back your training, say to half your usual routine, your strength, muscle mass, and conditioning remain secure. The holiday period typically spans about 10 days, which is not enough time for significant setbacks.

Concerned about weight gain? Research from the Journal of Obesity indicates an average holiday weight gain of about 0.8 to 2 pounds. But remember, you’re not average. With your focus on health and fitness, you have the power to enjoy the season without adding extra pounds.

The Best Plan

Embrace the holiday spirit and don’t stress if you miss a workout or two. To maintain your momentum, plan to squeeze in at least two or three workouts between Dec. 23 and Jan. 3. Whether it’s an official gym session or a simple home workout, mark them on your calendar to ensure they happen.

In addition to structured workouts, plan two or three enjoyable activities during this time. It could be a stroll around the neighborhood to admire the festive lights or sledding down a local hill. Put these activities on your calendar as well.

If festive meals are on the horizon, balance them with veggies and low-fat options in your other meals. Focus on nutritious foods in the days following celebrations.

By sticking to this plan, you can enjoy the holiday season without worrying about a single meal or treat disrupting your fitness journey. With a total of six activities in 12 days and a consistent focus on nutritious eating, you’ll enter 2024 with confidence and momentum.

Remember, taking a day or two off won’t harm your fitness progress. Following this plan will ensure you step into the New Year with a strong foundation.

If you’re interested in discussing a fitness plan for the New Year, click here to book a free consultation. Let’s make 2024 your healthiest year yet!